Location and time commitment

Bay area, Oakland, San Francisco. Up to one hour a week for a year, with an opportuity to renew each year. 


This relationship is a rewarding, long-term one designed to equally develop the entrepreneur and their business. This involves weekly meetings to tackle business (and possibly personal) challenges and opportunities, build the entrepreneur’s confidence, expand their networks through appropriate connections to the mentor’s network, and develop a trusting, lasting relationship. Mentors are expected to respond to entrepreneurs within 48 hours of being contacted, as many business issues are time-sensitive. Mentors and mentees co-create written agreements to define and guide the relationship. Mentors can also use YBUSA’s Mentoring Toolkit and Pathway to Business Ownership to structure the approach to building a business.

Who our entrepreneurs need

Mentors who are experienced business professionals with entrepreneurial experience. Empathetic and emotionally intelligent, incredible listeners, good “question-askers,” multicultural, patient, young-at-heart, flexible, nurturing yet challenging.