Are you looking to meaningfully volunteer your time, talents and experience? Do you want to have a hand in helping a young person – and their business – succeed?

Volunteering and working with young adults to provide professional business knowledge and guidance increases their chance of success. And nearly 80%+ of business owners nationwide with a mentor say that having one is “invaluable.”

If you want to volunteer and be part of leveling the playing field for underserved young entrepreneurs, sign up to be a volunteer.


ADVISOR: Volunteer to be a subject-matter advisor (as-needed) to a young entrepreneur based on your expertise in areas such as: graphic design, accounting, digital marketing, business law, or sales.

MENTOR: Volunteer to support and guide a young entrepreneur for at least one year through the process of building their business.


YBUSA Volunteers receive rewarding experiences through working with young entrepreneurs and helping them realize and reach their potential.

Become a volunteer today.


Highly experienced professionals who are looking to leverage their time and talents

by advising and supporting Youth Business USA's leadership can apply to join our

organizational-level Advisory Board.

Advisory Board members can choose to serve on one of three sub-committees below:

1. GROWTH & PARTNERSHIPS: Outreach to young entrepreneurs and volunteer business advisors & mentors at companies.

2. FUNDRAISING: Securing grants and partnerships to support our mission.

3. TECH: Advising on and developing our digital platform to achieve scale.